Pipe Makers Around the World

New smokers or collectors who are seeking other pipe brands will be pleasantly surprised by the large selection of tobacco pipes on the market. While it may seem daunting, the following are examples that represent just some of the different aesthetics of various companies and makers in the marketplace. Have a scroll and see which ones stand out from top tobacco pipe brands as a jumping off point to more in depth exploration.


Achilles Savinelli partnered with Enea Buzzi which deeply influenced this Italian brand’s design and quality. Brebbia pipes are created by a team of less than 20 employees. Briar pipes through and through, the pipes have a reputation as comfortable smokers, affordable and a great choice for beginners.


Caminetto pipes are considered the high-end jewelry of Italian tobacco pipes. Made by one of the founder’s sons presently, the Caminetto brand represents some of the best in Italian design.


Collectable pipes inspired by world famous Chieftain’s whiskey, the shape and finish design are compliments to the work of German artist Roger Wallenstein. One Finger and Balance pipes are just a few of the pipes which round out some of the most unique on the market.

Dr. Grabow

Dr. Grabow pipes are the most American brands on the market, made in The Blue Ridge Mountains. The company is more than 60-years-old and named specifically to provide a softer image. Dr. Grabow pipes are a great choice for smokers looking for affordability and craftsmanship.

Owl Pipes

The name Owl hails from Steve Lavoice Jr’s grandfather, the inspiration for creating the pipes. Whimsical pipes and one-of-a-kind, each one is packaged in a hand-painted keepsake box to compliment the uniqueness of each pipe and individual collector.

Old Dominion

Corncob pipes which are new on the scene, Old Dominion are made with a unique heirloom corn cob left over from the milling of one of America’s most sought after flours. Costing only a few dollars a piece, Old Dominion are wonderful tasting pipes or gifts.


The Peterson brand is truly Irish which is beloved around the world for its briar pipes. The line is large and varied that something for every smoker’s taste is available through the unique Peterson pipe collection.


Hekthor Weibe invented the Radiator Pipe which is considered quite highly in the Millennial pipe community. The interchangeable briar bowls and stainless steel stems are favorites for those discerning individuals who like to innovate and seek creativity in pipes.


Italian briar and good taste of Italian design combine to make up the unique pipes of the Savinelli brand. Most Savinellis feature the Savinelli Balsa System, a unique wooden filter which absorbs impurities and moisture to provide a cool, dry smoke. 


A fine dress pipe with a sleek, classic design, the gentleman will find favor with this addition to the collection of any discerning pipe smoker who may previously have seen Sillem’s as an accessories maker.

Silver Gray

American made in Oregon, Silver is made by the first female artisan pipe maker. She is known for her high-end pipes carved in studio with great artistry and mastery for being new to the scene. 


Playful and creative, these pipes are definitely for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. Famous for his Driftwood artisan series, he crafted his pipes based on creatures living beneath the ocean’s crest. Be sure to check out all Wallenstein has to offer for a fuller variety of pipes that set him apart.

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