Guide to Buying Pipe Tobacco

Guide to Buying Pipe Tobacco

If you’re a big coffee drinker, you’re probably not drinking it the same way you did when you first started. As time progressed, you probably added, subtracted, or changed up some factors: sugar, cream, light roast, dark… Just by understanding the different tastes and mixtures, you’ve come to appreciate them, whether you enjoy them all or not. Same goes for tobacco enthusiasts, or anyone who’s interested in exploring the world of pipe tobacco.  

If you’re a new smoker looking to make your first selection, here’s a little FYI: every tobacco out there is uniquely cured and seasoned to create its own specific flavor and aroma. Tobacco is grown all over the planet, on nearly every continent, from a variety of different leaves.

Some producers ferment their tobacco, some add sugars or syrups, and some add whatever they want. If you want to know what type of tobacco is going to please your palate most, you’ll need a clear sense of what exactly pleases you as an individual. Do you enjoy a mild, light taste, like the all-natural Virginia blend? If not—if you’d prefer lots of different flavors—you should probably start with one of the many spice tobaccos: oriental, Latakia, Perique…

Tools You’ll Need For Cleaning

If you’re going to be buying pipe tobacco, and you’re going to get the most out of it, you must be prepared to clean the pipe after every use or two. Otherwise, you won’t get the optimal taste—or hygiene—while you’re smoking. Here’s what you’ll need to keep your bowl well-kempt:

  • Tamper – These are used for packing tobacco and ashes inside your bowl while you smoke. They look like thin nails with flat heads.
  • Reamer – These are for clearing cake from the inside of the bowl, which, depending on the type, can help elongate its life and quality.
  • Pipe Cleaners – These are thin pieces of metal wire wrapped in cotton, usually. They are for placing inside the stem and shank of the pipe. They come in lots of sizes, colors, and styles, and they’re disposable.

Check Out Our Options

The Pipe Boutique offers a multitude of choice cut tobaccos. To explore a list of our unique house blends, click here. To contact us with any questions or concerns, please email us using our online portal.

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