Buying Your First Tobacco Pipe

Buying Your First Tobacco Pipe

If you’re new to the pipe scene, and you’re ready to purchase your first pipe, you may be feeling a little intimidated. It’s a big, vast marketplace with a lot of delicate history behind it. The whole thing can feel a bit overwhelming, so here are a few recommendations on where to start.

Corn Cob

Cheap and effective, this pipe is a great starting point if you’re eager to get started right away; there’s no break-in period. They’re also popular for sampling tobacco—you don’t have to worry about tainting them–which you’ll probably be doing a lot in the coming weeks and months. Corn Cob pipes are made right here in the USA.


If you’re clumsy—or someone in the house is clumsy—take note: these pipes are tough as can be. Introduced in the 1960s as a cheaper alternative to briar, they’re made of hard wood and nylon. If you’re a nostalgic person, consider a brylon pipe, because it will likely offer some nostoglia one day when you’re much older.


These are the most popular type of pipes, and that’s because they’re so beautiful. Additionally, they produce cool, dry smoke and a reliably pleasant experience. Not to mention they’re fire resistant.


First carved in Europe, but derived from soft white minerals in the Middle East, these pipes are naturally pliable, which allows for more intricate designs and shapes than the previously mentioned pipes. Many are sold as works of art first and smoking devices second, although they smoke quite well, too.

Tools You’ll Need For Cleaning

If you don’t keep your pipe well-cleaned and maintained, you won’t get the optimal taste—or hygiene—while you’re smoking. Don’t buy your pipe without also purchasing the materials needed to do this. You’ll need a reamer (for clearing cake from the inside of the bowl) as well as pipe cleaners: those thin pieces of clothed metal wire that you probably used in art class way back in the day.

Check Out Our Options

All tobaccos are seasoned to create a unique flavor and aroma. Tobacco is produced and sold all over the planet, and for good reason: It’s an enticing, curious crop. The blends and flavors are endless. The Pipe Boutique offers a multitude of pipes as well as tobaccos and other tobacco-related products. To explore a list of our products, click here. To contact us with any questions or concerns, please email us using our online portal.

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